Calendar of Catholic Devotion
A Calendar of Catholic Devotion is a daily prayer book centred on the lives of the saints, more often than not, the lives of the less well known saints. The daily intercessions and meditation are drawn from the life of the saint of the day. Introduction is by the Duchess of Norfolk and the Foreword by the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster. Published by SCM-Canterbury Press.
Come, Lord Jesus
Come, Lord Jesus! is a prayer book for the days of Advent. In preparation for the celebration of Christmas, the daily meditations take us on a journey in the company of Mary. This book was co-written by Bishop Geoffrey Rowell. Published by SCM-Canterbury Press and Morehouse Publishing.
Flesh, Bone, Wood
Like Come, Lord Jesus!, Flesh, Bone, Wood was also a collaboration with Bishop Geoffrey. The book covers the season of Lent and prepares the reader for the celebration of Easter by concentrating on the imagined thoughts of the bystanders at Golgotha, the place of crucifixion. Published by SCM-Canterbury Press.
Basic Dictionary of Bible People
A Basic Dictionary of Bible People is a volume in a series of basic dictionaries of the Christian Church written by various hands and published by SCM-Canterbury Press. Julien Chilcott-Monk gives us succinct biographies of all the significant people encountered in the Holy Bible.
Walking the Way of the Cross
Walking the Way of the Cross offers the pilgrim different ways of using the Stations of the Cross - the book may be used in conjunction with the stations found in the parish church or the stations provided in the book may be used. The illustrations are taken from photographs of the stations by Eric Gill and found in Westminster Cathedral. The Foreword is given by the Duke and Duchess of Norfolk. Published by Tufton Books and SCM-Canterbury Press.
The Dream of Gerontius
This book is not a conventional biography though there are biographical notes within. It is really a guide to becoming a better Christian, a better Catholic, and based around John Henry Newman's masterpiece The Dream of Gerontius. Published by SCM-Canterbury Press.
In the Name of the Father
In the Name of the Father is a collection of sermons written especially for the book, using the calendar of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. Julien Chilcott-Monk is the compiler and editor, and also a contributor. Some fine writing from the hands of the Oratorian Fathers is an attractive feature. The Foreword is by the Archbishop of Westminster (now the Cardinal Archbishop). Published by SCM-Canterbury Press.
The Nails and the Cross
The Nails and the Cross is a re-drafted version of Flesh, Bone, Wood made for the American market and published by Pauline Books and Media.
This is a companion to Christmas
This is a companion to Christmas. It is a series of six imaginative stories by characters associated with the Christmas narratives. The stories are each divided into eight episodes so that they can be used year by year at a nine lessons and carol service. Published by Tufton Books.
Saints of the Roman Canon
Saints of the Roman Canon is a part of the Catholic Truth Society's series Living the Liturgy. It seeks to identify and explain the presence of the saints mentioned in the Roman Canon (The First Eucharistic Prayer). A short biography is given for each saint and a suggestion or two as to how the worshipper might use these lives to further his or her participation in the Mass.

Recently published:
The Way of the Passion - This Lenten book published by Pauline Books and Media, Boston Mass. is intended to ignite ideas and fresh thoughts and new insights for personal prayer. This companion provides a framework for reading between the Gospel lines.
Advent Joy - Journeying towards the Nativity is an Advent companion published by Gracewing, whose purpose is to allow the pilgrim to pause each day in order to consider an aspect of our Salvation History. The book marvels at the splendours of the Creator's work - natural and supernatural, known and unknown.

Works in progress: Praying the Crucifix; The Gospel of Tom the Shepherd; Asking God; The Holy Bible Backwards; God's search for man.

The King's Highway
These classics of the Catholic wing of the Anglican Church were introduced by Julien Chilcott-Monk when they were reprinted at the beginning of the Millennium. The King's Highway is a helpful guide to Christianity for Catholic and Anglican alike. Published by SCM-Canterbury Press.
Shortly to be published: Forty Stations with Jesus by Pauline Books and Media
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