Julien Chilcott-Monk is a Catholic author whose books are also widely read throughout the Orthodox and Anglican Churches, and in other branches of the Christian Church.

For many years he lived within the Anglican Church - indeed, he spent some years at Kelham Theological College (after two at the Royal Marines School of Music in Deal) intent upon entering the Anglican Priesthood. He regards the years spent at both places as some of the most valuable of his life. He finds he owes much to those formative years, especially for the discipline they instilled and the enthusiasm for study they gave. Perhaps the value of those years was appreciated less at the time.

Now a Catholic author, composer and director of Vox Humana and Gregoriana, a cappella choirs he founded in 1995 and 1975 respectively, (www.voxhumanaandgregoriana.com) Julien lives with his wife in Winchester. He has great enthusiasm for the Oxford Oratory, and, inter alia, is fond of the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins and Scandinavian symphonic music.

Julien Chilcott-Monk is a member of the Society of Authors

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